What does it mean to be an call girl in Bangalore?

Sex is one of the most ancient pleasures of life, and it is no wonder that there is a huge business surrounding this activity, specially in big cities such as Bangalore in Karnataka. One of the main businesses is prostitution, considered one of the oldest professions on the planet.

In recent times the terms escorts or luxury call girls in Bangalore (or high level) has become more popular. It defines someone who enjoys a better reputation than traditional prostitutes in Bangalore. What exactly does this different label represent

Very often, when we think of prostitutes, we can imagine a woman in a precarious situation, this practice is historically linked to poverty. 

However, the figure of the call girls in Bangalore tries to break with these ideas and opinions about this kind of sex workers. The term “call girl” is associated with women of enormous beauty, many with studies, and capable of offering interesting conversations or acting as companions for certain social events. The idea is, essentially, to go beyond the sexual act itself at the moment of selling the body; the service includes the possibility of proving something similar to a real affectionate relationship.

The difference between escort and whore is not very clear on the whole planet, since they can offer related (though not identical) services. Essentially, the beautiful call girls in Bangalore are used to performing services that a whore or gigolo does not perform. The prostitutes tend to charge less, and their services are intimately related to sexual practices. In the case of call girls, they can have intimate relationships with their clients, but they can also simply accompany them to events, parties or business trips.

Probably, the main difference between prostitutes and the escorts in Bangalore is that the latter can perform escort services, that is, that they can attend social events with their clients. In other words, they do not limit their work to one or two hours, but rather to whole nights, days and even weekends.

Sometimes, they may travel with their customers over multiple days and may or may not have intimate relationships. In other words, an escort from Bangalore is a paid companion and does not necessarily have sex with her clients. The cost of an escort tends to be more expensive, and this already indicates the type of psychological association that the term escort has and how it relates to the stigma.

After this brief explanation of what this profession consists of, it is a good moment to recommend some very useful advices for those who start in this sector. 

The first of them is that being a call girl in Bangalore is not a profession that necessarily has to be publicised and declared to the whole world. And not precisely due to a sentiment of embarrassment, but rather by the discretion that strengthens one’s own profession.

Usually, those who work as escorts in Bangalore often live a double life, trying to differentiate between professional life and personal life, even if they have multiple “professional lives”. Somehow, as we have already announced, this activity is sometimes used as a springboard.

A third recommendation is to be cold-headed always and under all circumstances. Generally speaking, being an escort offers the opportunity to earn a lot of money, but that should not cloud your gaze and make you start living above your possibilities.

The work as an escort is a job that requires a lot of investment: personal image, training, networking in certain social circles. All this forces you to have clear ideas, and without a certain level of maturity, starting in this profession can be set to failure right from the beginning.

The call girls in Bangalore can work independently or through an agency. Both formulas have their positive and negative sides. In the case of agencies, for example, they provide advice that is really useful when you start with this activity, but on the other hand if you have some experience working as an independent escort in Bangalore you’ll have much more freedom going forward. That is why becoming one of the independent call girls in Bangalore is the choice of many women when they reach a certain level in the profession, both financially and in terms of customer service.